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Maps History
Maps Credit Union was founded by 20 teachers in 1935 at what was then called Salem Senior High School. To this day, we remain committed to supporting schools, teachers, and students. 

A Strong Beginning

Like many of us, Maps Credit Union has teachers to thank for its success. We were founded by a group of educators and school employees who wanted a safe place for teachers and their families to house their money and get low-cost loans.

In 1934, the Federal Credit Union Act became law under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This new law created unprecedented possibilities for people with common bonds to pool their relatively scarce resources for their greater good. Instead of traditional banking, people of all walks could now purchase shares in a credit union and find the financial independence necessary to build a new and better quality of life—even amid the hardships of the Depression.

On June 6, 1935, one year after the Federal Credit Union Act became law, an organizational meeting was held in what was then called Salem Senior High School. That day, 20 teachers agreed to volunteer their time and talents to start a credit union that would benefit all employees of Marion County Public Schools and Willamette University.

Since 1935, we’ve grown from just 20 members to over 70,000 members and we’ve changed a lot along the way. For one thing, our community now encompasses the entire Willamette Valley—not just teachers and school employees.

Our products and services have changed a lot over the years too, but the security of our members and the cooperative values we were founded on are at the forefront of each development. We keep this commitment because our members allow us to provide increasingly innovative and forward-thinking financial services while also empowering us to give back to the communities we serve.

We will keep growing, but we’ll never forget our roots. After all, we owe our progress and sustained service to the educators who laid the foundation for us.

Maps History

The Federal Credit Union Act became law

In 1934, in the middle of the Great Depression, the Federal Credit Union Act became law under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Salem teachers formed a credit union

On June 6, 1935, 20 teachers from the Salem School District and Willamette University signed a certificate and volunteered their time and talents to start Salem Public School Teachers Credit Union

Salem Public Teachers Credit Union was founded

Following the passage of the Federal Credit Union Act, Salem Public School Teachers Credit Union was officially founded. A share cost $5—the minimum deposit policy still in place today.

The first annual meeting was held

The first annual meeting was held on December 4, 1935. Each of the 17 members present paid $5 for one share in the credit union.

Credit Union Treasurer Harry Johnson and his secretary manage operations of the school office

Credit Union Treasurer Harry Johnson, then principal of Salem Senior High School, and his secretary managed credit union operations out of the school office and funds are kept in a desk drawer.

Harry Johnson retires. Credit union operations are moved to his kitchen on South 12th Street.

When Harry Johnson retired from education, credit union operations moved to his home kitchen at 2810 South 12th Street for the next 3 years.

Credit Union membership grew to 259 members and assets reached $141,363.

The credit union is renamed Marion-Polk Teachers Credit Union

The name Marion-Polk Teachers Credit Union was approved by the board on January 18, 1956, the same year Oregon College of Education (now WOU) became eligible for membership.

The credit union moved to 1715 State Street

In 1958, the credit union moved to 1715 State Street, where it enjoyed all the necessary bells and whistles of an official business location, including office equipment, janitorial service, and its first electronic adding machine.

Harry Johnson hires its first full-time employee, Laverne Bickel

Harry Johnson hired Laverne Bickel to assist in credit union operations. She would remain with the credit union for 32 years. She retired in 1991 and was beloved by employees and members.

The credit union signs a lease on a space at 870 Commercial Street

Harry and his only employee, Laverne Bickel, required even more space by 1961, so the credit union signed a five-year lease for space at 870 Commercial Street.

The credit union reached a $1 million asset mark

The credit union reached a $9 million asset mark

By 1976, membership reached 6,166

The credit union is renamed Marion & Polk Schools Credit Union

In July of 1976, the board approved a third name change through a “Name Your Credit Union” contest. The credit union would be called Marion & Polk Schools Credit Union, which more precisely described the growing field of membership.

The board began plans for a new building at 1900 Hines Street SE

In 1977 (with 1,000 members), the Board of Directors began plans to construct a new building at 1900 Hines Street SE. In December 1977, ground was broken for the new 26,000 square foot building.

The Hines Street Branch opened

The High Street Branch opened in November 1978 and remains a vital part of our branch structure today.

Dan Penn was hired as a consultant

Dan Penn, the CEO of Central Willamette Credit Union in Albany, was hired by the board to consult and help save the credit union. After a few months, the Board invited him to be CEO of Maps.

The credit union got its first in-house computer

In 1984, Credit Life and Disability insurance was offered for the first time to members and PrivateLine phone account access was installed in March 1984 with our first in-house computer system.

Membership doubled to 11,700

The first credit union ATM is installed in Building 2 of Chemeketa Community College

The credit union’s first full-time employee, Laverne Bickel retires after 32 years

Maps opened its second location at 1134 Edgewater in West Salem in May of 1992

The Maps phone center (now the Contact center) was established

The Maps phone center was established to help members with questions, new accounts, and transactions.

The credit union opened the Chemeketa Branch at 4001 Winema Place in May of 1993

Maps created two new Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs)

In 1994, Maps opened two CUSOs: CU Wireless, offering cellular services and phones to members at wholesale rates, and Advanced Reporting, providing credit reporting services to financial institutions and mortgage lenders.

Maps partnered with North Salem High School to open the Viking Branch

One of our most significant business partnership projects ever undertaken was with North Salem High School in 1994-95 when the Viking Branch opened its doors to students and staff. What started out as a training ground for students to earn their certificate of mastery became a mini version of our branches. The Viking Branch is an award-winning prototype of educational success, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the branch manager and students.

Maps reached the $100 million asset mark

Maps launched its first website

PC Branch, Maps’ online banking program became available to members via modem in January of 1995. Later this year, Maps launched its first website.

Maps opened the McNary Branch at 111 McNary Drive in Keizer

The Bearcat Branch opened at Willamette University

The Bearcat Branch, which opened at Willamette University in August, was a welcome addition to the campus. The branch provides most services, including a walkup ATM, at its location in Putnam Center.

Advanced Reporting, a Maps CUSO, welcomes public and private clients for background screening

Advanced Reporting added comprehensive background screening to its list of services, welcoming clients from the public and private sectors.

The South Salem Branch opens at 4618 Commercial St. SE

In November, the South Salem Branch at 4615 Commercial St. SE opened its doors in the Cherry City Plaza, with full services including a walk-up and drive-up ATM.

Maps partners with McKay High School to open the Royal Scots Branch

Maps and McKay High School opened the Royal Scots Branch at McKay. Based on the North Salem High model, the Royal Scots Branch provides limited service and excellent training and experience for high school students.

Online Bill Pay became available to members

The Monmouth Branch was opened in April of 2003

The Monmouth Branch opened in April of 2003, leasing space in the Willamette ESD building at 163 N. Knox St. to serve members in Polk County.

Maps partnered with West Salem High School to open the Titan Branch

Maps was invited to partner with the newly constructed West Salem High School to open the Titan Branch.

Online statements became available for the first time in June of 2003

Maps introduced Maps Business Services

In 2004, Maps hired a business loan officer and introduced Maps Business Services to the membership.

Maps formed Maps Insurance Services

In 2004, Maps purchased Scarborough Insurance in Woodburn and formed Maps Insurance Services, offering Property/Casualty Insurance to the membership.

Maps declared April 21, 2005, Cori Frauendiener Appreciation Day

Upon selection as the 2005 Oregon Businessperson of the Year by the Future Business Leaders of America, the Maps Board of Directors named Cori Frauendiener Maps Credit Union Outstanding Mentor of Future Business Leaders, and declared April 21, 2005, Cori Frauendiener Appreciation Day.

Maps support departments were moved to the new Maps Administration Center

In May, the Maps support departments moved to the new Maps Administration Center at 451 Division St. NE in downtown Salem.

Maps was named the 2005 Salem Chamber Business of the Year

The Maps West Salem Branch relocated to 476 Glen Creek Road

In September, Maps’ West Salem Branch relocated from its Edgewater address to 476 Glen Creek Rd., a newly designed and built building. This same month, Maps opened the Campus Card Office located in the Chemeketa Community College Bookstore.

Maps broke ground for a branch in Woodburn

In August of 2007, Maps opened the Woodburn Branch at 1860 Newberg Highway

Maps opened membership to all those living in the Willamette Valley Basin

Dan Penn retires

After nearly 30 years of service, Dan Penn retires as Maps CEO. The Maps Board of Directors dedicates the Admin Building as the Dan Penn Administration Building in his honor.

Mark A. Zook is named President/CEO of Maps Credit Union

Maps opened the Silverton Branch in June of 2009 at 307 E. Main Street

The Maps Insurance team expanded

In 2010, Maps Insurance welcomed a team of experienced commercial insurance professionals to help better serve local businesses.

Maps unveiled a new logo and tagline

Maps unveiled a new logo and tagline that better represented our ability to serve our entire community. The redesigned website debuted as part of that rollout. Since Marion & Polk Schools had long been nicknamed “Maps”, the dot logo (meant to resemble a destination dot on a map) replaced the former schoolhouse logo.

Maps launched the Buy Local program

The Buy Local program was launched in 2011 to help support the local business community and provide added value to membership with Maps. A year later, we received awards for the Buy Local program, quarterly member newsletter, website design, and full suite of marketing materials.

Maps became the premier sponsor of Salem-Keizer Schools

Maps reached $400 million asset mark and membership grew to more than 40,000

Maps established the Maps Community Foundation

In 2012, Maps established the Maps Community Foundation, a public charity to coordinate all charitable activities and provide asset development and financial self-sufficiency programs to the community.

Maps opened the Corvallis Investments Office

Maps opened the Stayton Branch at 105 Fern Ridge Road SE

Maps broke ground on the High Street Branch and Professional Center

Maps opened the Professional Center at 465 Division Street

Maps opened an in-house coffee shop, The Dot

In 2022. Maps opened The Dot in the new Professional Center. The Dot is open to the public and intended to provide a warm and welcoming meeting space, with a portion of proceeds going to Maps Community Foundation.

Maps hosted a grand opening ceremony for the Professional Center

In 2023, we officially opened the Maps Professional Center, where members could have access to specialists in a variety of services such as home and commercial loans, personal and commercial insurance, business services, wealth management and private banking. The Professional Center also became the home for the Maps Community Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Maps Credit Union and our in-house coffeeshop, The Dot.

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