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With our roots as an educator’s credit union, we remain committed to supporting teachers, students, and our local schools. One way we do that is with our annual Teacher Grants. In 2023 alone, our Maps Community Foundation awarded a total of $35,000 in Teacher Grants across our Mid-Willamette Valley region.

Each year, we look forward to supporting local K-12 teachers by funding creative projects like these that make a difference for students and the school community. These grants can be used for classroom and/or school-wide projects, technology needs, field trips, and educational after-school clubs.

Who is Eligible?

Once applications open (typically in October) all K-12 public and private school teachers in Marion and Polk Counties are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to teachers who are Maps members. Teachers can request grants in the range of $500 – $1,000 based upon project need. Each year, our Maps branches support the Foundation in selecting and distributing teacher grants.

How to apply: Submit a short, written application and photo on our website. Be prepared to describe how the award will be used, the impact of the project, the total cost of the project, why support is needed from Maps, and most importantly: “How will this grant make a difference for your students?”

Who is eligible: K-12 public and private school teachers in Marion or Polk Counties. Preference will be given to teachers who are Maps members.

2023 Winners
  • Phillip Warner of McKay High School will take his AP Environmental Science class on a field trip to the Hatfield Marine Science Center.
  • Bethany Brown of Scott Elementary School will purchase items for interactive, educational morning tubs to engage her students when they arrive for the day.
  • Blair Becker of Hammond Elementary School will purchase a black-out tent, soft lighting. and other items to create a calming corner in her developmental Kindergarten classroom.
  • Jasmine Filley of the Career Technical Education Center (CTEC) will purchase tower garden vertical aeroponic systems for two nearby elementary schools so that CTEC’s Sustainable Plant Science and Technology students can share their knowledge with younger students. 
  • Kezra Presleigh of Stephens Middle School will develop a new Ethnic Studies elective course, with grant funds supporting training, student materials, and field trip funds. 
  • Carrie Hare of Leslie Middle School will purchase comfortable seating for her reading intervention class to create a cozy space for students to develop a love for reading.
  • Shelly Barr of Crossler Middle School will purchase xylophone stands to promote proper playing position and posture and new mallets to allow for better sound quality.
  • Katie Currey of Wright Elementary School will purchase books and art supplies for the annual Read Across America Night, with evening student and family activities planned for the week.
  • Liza Rodriguez McNicholas of South Salem High School will use the funds to support her work with the after-school Latino Club, including club t-shirts and multicultural week activities.
  • Brenda Varty Bly of McKinley Elementary School will purchase a sensory swing, a smart recording bird feeder, and other bird-related items to enhance the calm, sensory den.
  • Kassandra Paige of Auburn Elementary School will bring the twelve-week Biz Town financial education program to her 4th and 5th-grade students.
  • Laura Sumpter of Hoover Elementary School will purchase the Slumberkins curriculum to enhance the school’s All Feelings Matter project focusing on trauma-informed care and creating a school climate of care, warmth, and comfort.
  • Carly Justino of Miller Elementary School will purchase items for a raised bed school garden in the interior courtyard to provide a hands-on learning opportunity, a calming space, and access to healthy foods and eating options.
  • Dan Murray of West Salem High School will utilize funds for a 10-week real-world budgeting simulation to teach financial literacy to his financial algebra students.
  • Jessica Sokoloff of Myers Elementary School will purchase a new mobile digital piano and dolly for the music and choir program that will allow for safe movement, increase student visibility and allow for volume control to meet diverse student needs.
  • Samantha Rogers of Brush College Elementary School will purchase sensory tools and activities such as bouncy bands for chairs, weighted lap pads, and more for her self-contained emotional growth classroom.
  • Dawn Reichle-Bailon of McNary High School will purchase supplies to create beds for a new Sensory Garden to be used by students with and without disabilities during science classes.
  • Leslie Trommlitz Leasia of Gubser Elementary School will purchase a set of corrective reading curriculum books to support her work with bringing up the reading level for her 2nd-5th graders. 
  • Stacey Lund of Weddle Elementary School will purchase items to create a new sensory room so that students with individualized sensory needs have a space to self-regulate and get ready to learn and interact with others.
  • Kim Beranek of Mary Eyre Elementary School will purchase a new mobile digital piano that can be used in the music room, library, and gym to accompany music classes and concerts.
  • Kevin Loss of Parrish Middle School will use funds to support the creation of a Sensory Solarium in the greenhouse to provide a safe and nurturing space for students with developmental disabilities to regulate their bodies and minds.
  • Ashley Smith of North Salem High School will purchase updated classroom lesson planning tools and supplies for the Early Childhood Education students who are working towards careers with children.
  • Kristine Herring of Eagle Charter School will purchase practical items to be given to students as part of their new monthly Character Trait Awards, recognizing kindness, empathy, respect, responsibility, honesty, and cooperation.
  • Heather Deede-Jones of Silverton High School will purchase items for revitalizing the school library to be more inclusive, including audiobooks and headphones, a large print collection for students with vision impairment, and an expanded Spanish collection.
  • Najma Cheema of Robert Frost Elementary School will utilize grant funds to support family literacy nights for her second language learning families to engage parents in supporting literacy at home.
  • Jennifer Bizon of Scotts Mills Elementary School will purchase bookshelves, cozy carpet, flexible seating and improved lighting for her new classroom to create a supportive, educational environment.
  • Kelly Kent of Lincoln Elementary School will purchase more than 300 books in English and Spanish to distribute during Read Across America week to get students excited about reading.  
  • Rosa Floyd of Nellie Muir Elementary School will purchase costumes for the Mexican Folkloric Dance program that connects students and the community to their roots and culture while promoting tolerance, diversity, and appreciation of other cultures.
  • Neil Wilhelm of Woodburn Success High School will purchase educational incentives to reward good grades, attendance, and behavior to keep students on track for graduation.
  • Taylor Guidos of Cascade High School will purchase lego sets and STEM project boxes to provide more hands-on educational opportunities for his Special Education students.
  • Julia McFerron of Turner Elementary School will purchase paint, supplies, and plywood for a new after-school art club that will lead a school-wide project to create a mural for the side of the gym.
  • Sonya Lang of Jefferson High School will start a garden project for her LifeSkills classroom students to learn about plant life cycles and how to grow and harvest food within both a greenhouse and hydroponic growing environment.
  • Alicia Hasty of Jefferson Middle School will purchase new marching/pep band jackets to bring back the marching band program and match the new school colors for parades and events.
  • Tia Pico of Independence Elementary School will purchase various products and books to support teaching 5th-grade students about personal hygiene during science and health.
  • Kristine Nightengale of Ash Creek Elementary School will purchase a variety of flexible seating options to help her students get their wiggles out and be successful learners.
  • Stephanie McEwen of Falls City High School will purchase cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, and personal care items to support special education students with learning essential life skills. 
  • Lua Siegel of Luckoamute Valley Charter School will purchase pier blocks, lumber, and supplies to build a boardwalk and interpretive nature trail around the school garden.
  • Melissa Garmon of St. Vincent de Paul Dual Language Immersion Catholic School will purchase bilingual literacy materials to support her English reading intervention groups. 
  • Olivia Nava of Victory Christian Academy will purchase equipment for the computer lab at their new school that will teach middle and high school students typing, website building, coding, and basic computer skills. 
  • Rachael Harms of Western Christian School will purchase Chromebooks and Adobe Creative Cloud licenses to support the launch of a new Digital Arts CTE program.
2022 Winners
  • Zoriana Camp of Roberts Middle School will purchase social emotional wellness curriculum and build out the Calm Center—a calming community space for emotional regulation.
  • Teri Birkel of Englewood Elementary will purchase hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) kits to inspire her 4th and 5thgrade students to be curious about and have fun with math and science.
  • Carter Alt of Houck Middle School will purchase books in Spanish so that students can see themselves in the stories they read and be inspired to follow their dreams.
  • Tara Heikila of Leslie Middle School will purchase digital cameras so that students can use photography to show their thinking, amplify their voices and share their experience as mathematicians.
  • Renee Lupien of South Salem High School will purchase supplies for creative projects linking art and literature within the English department.
  • Maureen Foelkl of Queen of Peace School will purchase waterproof STEM scopes that can be used to magnify what students are seeing in both the classroom and outdoor learning environments.
  • Stacy Ryan of Liberty Elementary will purchase xylophone stands to promote proper playing position and posture and new mallets to allow for better sound quality.
  • Kelly Ridgeway of Kalapuya Elementary will purchase room partitions, calming and color changing lights, a soothing sound machine and more to enhance the calming sensory room.
  • Chris Weaver and Carli O’Brien of Straub Middle School will purchase supplies to develop a new school garden for students in their cooking and life skills classes.
  • Brad Kilgroe of Whiteaker Middle School will purchase a robust space telescope that can be used to view lunar rises and sets, planets and more—supporting space, physics, wave and energy units and inspiring science students.
  • Celine Carlton of Hallman Elementary School will purchase books to get students excited about reading and reward students who fill up their at-home reading logs with the goal of raising reading levels.
  • Leah Laughton of Scotts Mills Elementary will purchase functional furniture and soft lighting to improve the classroom environment, reduce headaches and increase focus.
  • Teresa Murphy of John F Kennedy High School will purchase clothing and shoes, school supplies, snacks and food for a new resource room that will meet student’s basic needs so they can focus on school success.
  • Penelope Freeburg of Falls City Elementary School will fund two field trips—one to a farm in Estacada and the other to the “End of the Oregon Trail” in Oregon City.
  • Lynn Bailey of Falls City High School will fund “culture of care” activities such as bowling, aquatic center trips, and more to build positive relationships between teachers and students that support school success.
  • Clair Dietz of Lyle Elementary School will purchase a classroom set of ukuleles and boom whackers that will allow students to access more instruments and support a well-rounded music education program.
  • Lisa Iverson of Turner Elementary School will purchase weatherproof outdoor musical instruments so that students can play before, during and after-school on the playground and in three outdoor classrooms.
  • Hollie Carlile of Mari-Linn School will purchase books, games, colored pencils and more to enhance the K-8 literacy intervention program and make learning to read more fun and engaging.
  • David Whetzel of Scott Elementary will purchase incentives for a new walking and running club to motivate students to increase their physical fitness which declined during the pandemic.
  • Anna Smoll of Waldo Middle School will purchase ukuleles for both music class and an after-school club to positively impact mental health, build community, and motivate students to work together to accomplish goals.
  • Susan Ellertson of Stephens Middle School will purchase supplies to revitalize the school garden for use as an outdoor classroom space, a refuge for students needing a break, and a way to give back to the community.
  • Hannah Austin of Swegle Elementary will purchase flexible seating including wobble stools, lap trays, stability cushions and kick bands so students can keep their minds focused and alert while learning.
  • Scott McGuyer of North Marion Middle School will purchase musical instruments so that students of all income levels can participate in band and experience the positive benefits of music.
  • Maribel Ortiz of Lincoln Elementary will purchase bilingual books to provide students with 3-5 books per week to take home and read with their families to facilitate parent involvement and increase access to books.
  • Erich VanBergen of Woodburn Success High School will purchase supplies to expand the school garden as an outdoor space for students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (STEAM) education, decompress from stress, grow food, and learn about healthy eating.
2021 Winners
  • Claty Austrie of Hammond Elementary School  will purchase a color printer to create outdoor and hallway sensory courses to support students needing sensory and movement breaks.
  • Cortney Dupree of McKay High School will provide college field trips for three classes of Junior AVID students, many of whom have been in this college prep program since middle school but have yet to set foot on a college campus. 
  • Kristi Auvinen of Washington Elementary School will add additional activities in “The Zen Den”—a sensory regulation room that students utilize when they need assistance with getting their mind and body calm and ready to be successful in school. 
  • Anisa Rodriguez-Foroughi of Chávez Elementary School will purchase Ukuleles to start the Si Se Puede Ukulele club to provide students with the opportunity to learn musical skills, build music literacy, and learn about different cultural backgrounds.
  • Valeria Jacome of Chávez Elementary School will purchase diverse, bilingual books to expand her classroom library to better meet the needs of her students, many of whom are from migrant, low-income families and cannot afford to buy books.
  • Maylea Tooze Woods of Parrish Middle School will purchase materials for the school’s woodshop department to build more plyometric boxes to incorporate CrossFit-type workouts into PE to challenge and motivate students to improve their fitness and health in a fun way.
  • Michael Hofmann of North Salem High School will put the funding towards a gel electrophoresis machine to enable students in his Forensics Science class to separate, measure and analyze DNA to help them understand its fingerprint and how families are connected.
  • Ginger Lessey of Richmond Elementary School will purchase sets of leveled books to use in her K-5 reading intervention groups that support struggling readers, especially those who have fallen behind as a result of the pandemic.
  • Kira Bowers and Moises Mendoza Medina of Claggett Creek Middle School will purchase the first new PE equipment in over 5 years, providing a ball for each student so that they can actively participate together in PE class at the same time.
  • Michelle Nowlin of Gubser Elementary School will buy headphones and microphones to support Kindergarten small group learning centers and the Seesaw digital platform.
  • Britton Castor of Falls City High School will use grant funds for travel to business site tours, as well as clothes, resume paper and other supplies needed for the school career readiness program run by a small group of dedicated teachers.
  • Jonathan Ellingson of Falls City High School will use the grant to help pay for printing costs and equipment for a new school newspaper/art magazine that will foster community and improve student morale and academic achievement.
  • Ellie Oven of Independence Elementary School will purchase flexible seating, such as wobble stools and balance chairs, so that students can choose the seating option that allows them to get their wiggles out while still actively learning.
  • Ronda True of Silver Crest School will purchase mentor texts that model great reading and writing strategies for both her own classroom library and all of the school’s K-5 teachers.
  • Ryan Marshall and Tracy Isham of South Salem High School will purchase furniture, therapeutic tools, rugs, lighting, and sensory fidgets for a new Calm Room in the Counseling Center so that the increasing number of students impacted by anxiety and stress have a place to take mental health breaks to support their emotional well-being and keep them at school.
  • Alison Kaiser of Crossler Middle School will purchase high-quality and high-interest graphic novels for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Resource Room where students from three counties benefit from being educated in a mainstream setting with hearing students.
  • Amy Campbell of Liberty Elementary School will purchase an entire social emotional learning curriculum called A Little Spot of Emotion to get students thinking about their feelings and the feelings of others.
  • Lisa Squires of Judson Middle School will purchase items to create a Counseling Center space that is inviting and calm to support social and emotional learning and encourage students experiencing grief, trauma, and anxiety to seek out support and healthy coping methods.
  • Katy Ranzoni of Aumsville Elementary School will purchase hands-on math manipulatives to help students build models and see math in concrete rather than abstract ways.
  • Amber Gardner of Sublimity School will purchase supplies to create STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused hands-on activity bins for her kindergarten classroom to create a sense of wonder and love for learning.
  • Katie Hurley of Stayton Elementary School will purchase supplies for art projects for the kindergarten classrooms because she believes that when kids can build and create things with their hands their brains grow even more.
  • Jenna Miller of Kalapuya Elementary School will purchase kindergarten classroom supplies for math and literacy centers that are focused on sensory and fine motor skill development and interactive play.
  • Ryan Link-Cole of West Salem High School will purchase Go!Link Sensor Interfaces that will provide students with the digital tools to better collect data in science class.
  • Mary Ann Elmore of Brush College Elementary School will purchase flexible seating options and florescent light covers to promote a healthy learning environment for her active learners and those experiencing sensory overload.
  • Meredith Akin of North Marion Primary School will purchase books for a take-home reading program for first grade families that is culturally relevant and accessible to all and will contribute to fostering a love of reading and books.
  • Jason Rodgers of Valor Middle School will purchase keyboards and microphones for his Music Technology class that features a web-based recording studio where students can create and record their own songs and podcasts.
  • Fatima Chacon Martinez of Woodburn High School will provide field trips and other opportunities for her students to experience the arts through her Latinx Studies class that explores and celebrates Latinx experiences, culture, literature, and history.
  • Robert Salberg of Howard Street Charter School will purchase supplies for middle school students to create visual art and outdoor décor that will be used to beautify micro-shelters that provide housing through nonprofit partners to the unsheltered in Salem.
  • Karina Searle of Salem-Keizer AVID Program will purchase a variety of gift cards that will be used to recognize and celebrate hardworking AVID students who have overcome barriers and are succeeding on the path toward college and career readiness.
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