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Teacher Grants

With our roots as an educator’s credit union, we remain committed to supporting teachers, students, and our local schools. In 2023, our Maps Community Foundation plans to award a total of $30,000 in Teacher Grants across our Mid-Willamette Valley region.

Literacy Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Maps Credit Union is excited to provide free Biz Kid$ inspired Financial Literacy lesson plans for K-12 classrooms. Educators have reviewed these standard-based lessons for classroom best practices and alignment. Download them for free and check back as we add more lesson plans to our site.

The Bite of Reality Program

This fun, hands-on program—offered throughout the year—teaches realistic money management skills as students navigate the complex task of balancing their wants and needs within a budget. They’ll learn to spend wisely, solve unexpected money problems, and make real world financial decisions. This program accommodates small and large groups in grades 6-12 and can be offered in-person or remotely. Contact us if you would like to learn more or schedule a Bite of Reality Fair for your classroom or group.

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