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Online Self-Directed Educational Courses and Financial Education Articles

Making the Most of Your Money
Have you ever received a large sum of money?  Perhaps you received a tax refund, a bonus, inheritance or insurance settlement.  What do you need to consider to manage these funds?
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Homebuying 101
Thinking about buying a home? That’s exciting! Buying a home involves some major decisions; it is a process that can be both exciting and a bit intimidating. This kind of decision comes with lots of planning. There are a few steps to consider before hiring a realtor and excitingly searching all over town.
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CheckRight Español – Cuentas de Cheques
Las cuentas de cheques ofrecen una manera segura y conveniente de administrar su dinero, incluso de realizar pagos.
En este curso seguirás a Verónica y Nicolás mientras interactúan con sus nuevas cuentas. ¿Quiénes son Verónica y Nicolás? Son personajes de ficción, pero las experiencias están basadas en historias reales de personas usando cuentas corrientes.
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Paying Down Your Credit Card
This online learning experience provides options to pay down credit card debt. It features real stories of individuals who are tackling credit card debt, an overview of debt repayment methods and an interactive worksheet to put your plan into action.
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