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Real Estate Perks: How You Can Get Cash Back

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Real Estate Perks: How You Can Get Cash Back

Buying or selling a home can be costly. Maps wants to give you the opportunity to earn some of that money back, through the Real Estate Perks program. With this program, you get 20 percent of the Realtor’s commission back in your pocket.

This sum would normally go to the realtor, but instead, it goes straight to you! This can help get that stainless steel fridge that you always wanted, put that 85-inch big screen in the man cave, or simply reimburse you the funds used for the down payment.

How does the program work?

The amount you receive is based on 20 percent of the selling or listing agent commissions. The Realtors’ commissions are based on the value of the home you buy or sell and generally are between 2.5 to 3 percent.

For example, if a member buys a home for $300,000, the selling Realtor’s commission is $9,000 (3% of $300,000). The cash-back reward calculation would be 20% of that $9,000, which is $1,800.

For transactions that are between $100,000 to $150,000, a flat $300 is rewarded. For transactions below $100,000, there is no cash reward available. There is no maximum reward. 

Members can enroll in the program when they buy or sell a home and participate in the program as many times as they would like. The program is extended to interested members who don’t already have a realtor they are working with.

When will I receive the 20 percent cash reward?

Members will receive their 20 percent cash-back reward through Prime Alliance Real Estate Services after closing the loan, generally within 30 days via mail.

Who will help me through the program?

Your first contact will be with your Member Advocate who will be the liaison between you, your Loan Officer, and your Realtor.

Only the best Realtors are selected to work in this program. You must use an approved Prime Alliance Real Estate Services agent to qualify for the benefit. If you decide to work with an approved Agent, you will also benefit from their honesty, market knowledge, and excellent negotiation skills throughout the entire process.

How do I know if I am eligible?

To partake in this program, you must be a Maps member. As a Maps member, you are eligible to participate unless you have entered into any of the following contracts:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement
  • Listing Agreement

Members are not eligible if they are currently registered in any Real Estate Affinity or Rebate Program, or if they are being reimbursed for any real estate-related costs by their employer or through a relocation or purchase program of any type.

The program is valid only for single-family and multi-family (up to four units) residential properties, including, but not limited to, condominiums, Planned Unit Developments (PUDs), and qualifying manufactured homes. This service includes owner-occupied homes, second/vacation homes, and investment properties.

Are there any additional perks to the program?

Yes! Ask your Member Advocate about today’s current offers. Some examples of past benefits include discounts on hardware or appliances at select retailers, assistance with utility connections, and home security starter packages and promotions.

Maps is the team you need to help you buy your home. Get started by enrolling in the program today.

 *Real Estate Perks is a program provided by Prime Alliance Real Estate Services, LLC and is not affiliated with Maps Credit Union. Certain restrictions apply. Offers subject to change without notice.

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